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My first grade year didn't actually start with Mrs. Blanco. When the letter came assigning me to a certain Mrs. "S" for First Grade(I don't think she'd like her name to be associated with my story), my mother was a bit terrified. I didn't worry much because in my short academic career, all of my teachers, though sometimes stern, had always made me feel good. I thought I was a good Kindergartner and could make a good First Grader. I remember asking her not to take me out of the class. My friend Kerri was in it, as were several other of my friends. (Whether Jake, my very first crush was in the class or not, I can't remember.) I had always had problems with bladder control and one day in Mrs. "S"'s class, I found I needed to use the restroom durring a movie or some other class activity. I asked if I could go. She refused to let me. She said I should know by now that potty time is at recess and that I could hold it. I could not. I wet my pants in front of my whole first grade class. I was ashamed, embarrassed, cold, and wet. She probably said some choice words or raised her voice. I learned no lesson except that I was a horrible excuse for a first grader. This was the straw that broke the Camel's back.

My mother transferred me into Mrs. Blanco's class as soon as possible. I loved Mrs. Blanco. Her classroom was much more developmentally appropriate. We had centers and play time. The room was filled with music and colors and what I remember most was her tree. In the back left corner of the room was a tree made of brown paper. This was near our rug where we'd gather for storytime and music time (singing Baby Beluga and other Raffi favorites). For every season, the leaves changed and I believe with hollidays too. It was in Mrs. Blanco's class that I befriended Jira, an African-American girl. I learned the ropes of diversity and was accused of racism. We made up. I made many friends, read many Eric Carle books, explored writing and reading and even wrote my own book. I have it to this day. It consists mainly of markered pictures and construction paper stapled in about 20 different places along the binding. It is the story of my favorite Disney Movie, "Butty and the Best." I knew my phonics, alright.

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